Friday, April 23, 2010

A Friday Lost

There’s a buzz in the city today. You could almost smell the impending long weekend. As I sat eating lunch with a friend in Spring Street’s Gordon Reserve, surrounded by people in suits, I felt a sudden longing for that feeling I used to get when nearing the weekend. I want my Fridays back!

It’s been two weeks since I finished up at work. Two weeks of staying up, sleeping in, long lunches, long coffees, shopping and day trips. It’s been great, don’t get me wrong. But I sure miss that unmistakable vibe in the office on a Friday afternoon. Casual Friday in many workplaces means that people are dressed more comfortably than usual and in colours that extend beyond black, grey and blah. Talk of upcoming weekend shenanigans inevitably fills the place with smiles and warmth. The thought of staying up, sleeping in, long lunches etc. etc. mellows people.

But everyday’s a weekend for you these days, you may say. Not the same. Trust me. In truth, it’s the weekdays that make weekends all the more enjoyable. Sure, spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, going to parties and the footy are pretty valid drawcards, but we appreciate that time all the more by it being sandwiched between two working weeks. So, next time you have a shitty day at work, remind yourself – this is only enriching your weekend. Happy long weekend everyone! x

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What are you thankful for today?

I have really taken to this semi-regular post on Mia Freedman’s blog Mamamia. It asks, ‘What are you thankful for?’ and encourages us all to consider what we are grateful for today, what made us smile and where’s that damn silver lining. Whether this a much-needed cup of coffee, random kindness from a stranger, or an unexpected encounter, this exercise in gratitude helps all of us to see the small, but certainly not insignificant, beauties in the world.

This is most cathartic when the proverbial shit hits the fan. So:

Thank you, volcanic cloud, for showing me how cool my friends are. Upon hearing of your spread through the British air space, they have taken me out like some Japanese tourist and kept me smiling everyday.

Thank you for buying me time to clean my room, back up photos and files and sort out my taxes, all of which I wouldn’t have had time to do otherwise.

And thank you for keeping me in Melbourne long enough to see Matt Preston’s pink jeans on Masterchef for myself. Priceless.

A lesson in patience, Grasshopper

This is the start of my adventure, day one of a two-year stint in London, working, travelling and drinking hard as many young Australians do in their twenties...

That's how I would liked to have started my blog had a volcanic cloud from Iceland not shut down Britain's airports for six days and cancelled my flight. Seriously, how often does that happen?

So here I am, in Melbourne, for at least another 10 days, living out of a suitcase in my own home. It's hard not to feel lousy, and I did for most of today. Right at this moment, I should be walking into my new house in West London, re-united with my friend from Melbourne, Cherie, and meeting my two new housemates, whom I hear are ace! But feeling sorry for myself is not the theme of this blog.

I am leaving my nest to truly enjoy life, to see beautiful things and smile. I want to create new experiences for myself, and to learn from them. There is no reason this can't start now. So, post #1 is also lesson #1. I shall welcome this opportunity with open arms and an open mind. I will finish all the errands I previously ran out of time to complete, spend time with my gorgeous friends and enjoy another week of Melbourne in autumn. Wish me luck.