Thursday, April 22, 2010

A lesson in patience, Grasshopper

This is the start of my adventure, day one of a two-year stint in London, working, travelling and drinking hard as many young Australians do in their twenties...

That's how I would liked to have started my blog had a volcanic cloud from Iceland not shut down Britain's airports for six days and cancelled my flight. Seriously, how often does that happen?

So here I am, in Melbourne, for at least another 10 days, living out of a suitcase in my own home. It's hard not to feel lousy, and I did for most of today. Right at this moment, I should be walking into my new house in West London, re-united with my friend from Melbourne, Cherie, and meeting my two new housemates, whom I hear are ace! But feeling sorry for myself is not the theme of this blog.

I am leaving my nest to truly enjoy life, to see beautiful things and smile. I want to create new experiences for myself, and to learn from them. There is no reason this can't start now. So, post #1 is also lesson #1. I shall welcome this opportunity with open arms and an open mind. I will finish all the errands I previously ran out of time to complete, spend time with my gorgeous friends and enjoy another week of Melbourne in autumn. Wish me luck.


  1. Biheng, I,m definetly going to follow you on your Travels, i can,t wait to see how you are going and make sure you put on some pictures to make me home sick !!! All the very best hun, you will enjoy every moment. The only down side is that I miss you in work already, not the same without you !!! Lots of love hun, take care and keep in touch xxx

  2. i agree with jane, work is certainly not the same. had a guy come in this afternoon and ask if we had any shoes, jane had to walk away she couldnt keep a straight face. will read your blog with much fun, and enjoy many trips down memory lane. treasure and embrace every moment and new experience, life is a very colourful tapestry and who knows where it will take you, but gather the memories and enjoy,