Friday, June 18, 2010

A Quick Update

As most of you know, we still don't have the internet in the house. It is driving me insane. My blackberry will let me email, tweet and check Facebook, but that's about it. Virgin had promised to come around and get this sorted for us about a month ago, but every time we think they're serious, they call and postpone the visit.

Anyway, I have been keeping myself very busy in London since returning from Morocco. Everyday is a bit of an adventure, whether it's discovering the numerous museums and galleries here or simply navigating my local area. Ealing has some lovely little shopping strips and neighbourhoods and I'm really enjoying being here.

Next week, we're off to Magaluf, which is in Majorca. Sun, beach and water parks - I can't wait. I even bought summer clothes - which I'm sure I'll never need again in London - for the occasion. And when I do get back, hopefully the internet will be up and running and I can update you on everything else. Photos and all.

Missing everyone back in Melbourne.

Love Biheng x

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