Sunday, August 8, 2010

Creativity in the Kitchen

Within a week of arriving in London, I had sent a desperate and embarrassing email to my mum asking for some easy recipes. A prompt reply email equipped me with the basics to get me through the next few months. The recipes were simple to follow and had to be very specific. For some, you couldn’t even call recipes, mere cooking instructions, eg. how to boil an egg. Pancakes, chicken stir fry, pasta, carbonara sauce, potato salad, mashed potatoes, bread and butter pudding, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs. (I already knew how to fry eggs. Go me.) I’ve generally been living off a rotation of these foods when I haven’t been on the road. That and take-out.

Therefore, I’m super pleased to show off tonight’s dinner.

This is my basil pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes and bocconcini. Until recently, I’ve been quite content scooping pesto from the jar and stirring it through the pasta. But while browsing the aisles of Marks & Spencer, I came across a nifty little tub of sundried tomatoes and bocconcini. They seemed Italian, my pasta was Italian. It was meant to be. Beside it is a potato salad, which I’ve made a few times already. Today, I added a scoop of seeded mustard with garlic, something I picked up recently in the Cotswolds.

I doubt this will impress the likes of Matt Preston, but I'm definitely very proud of my efforts.


  1. My mums adds a little bacon and finely diced onion to her potato salads as well as mustard... just gives it a bit more kick :)

    Good on you for learning to cook though! When you're next over in Melb grab yourself one of the Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks are they are great for easy and tasty recipes and cover most types of foods!


  2. Thanks Jaclyn. I may just get myself one of those.