Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adults Only Entertainment (No, Not THAT Kind)

The terms 'Science museum' and 'Adults only' in the same sentence first caught my attention. The promise of wine and hazmat suits sealed the deal. Last night, I attended the Science Museum Lates evening in London, where visitors were treated to a simulated biological outbreak in the museum after hours. The opportunity to tap into our inner-child without the actual presence of children was brilliant. No temper tantrums, sticky fingers and questions of where babies come from.

Most of the permanent gallery spaces were accessible to browsing visitors, but it was the bio-terrorism themed activities that people flocked to. We explored the Medical Gallery by torchlight and painted pustules and pox on our skin. A massive queue formed for the silent disco: it's connection to bio-terrorism alludes me still. And did I mention there were hazmat suits? Yep, for a quid, you could get yourself one of these flattering onesies, which come in rather handy when poxifying with fake blood or when you just decide to spill wine on yourself *ahem*.

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy the museum. Just looking around the room yesterday, it was evident that everyone was having a great time, interacting with the displays, the activities, the (fake) blood-drenched staff and the glitter and paste. But, I do often find myself avoiding the Science Museum on a regular day as it is predominantly a kids' domain. Spending a Sunday afternoon navigating prams and those sticky fingers, if you're not that way inclined, can be a bit of a nightmare. So, if you share my sentiments, and you're in London, come join me next month as the museum hosts its next themed Lates event.

A free event, Science Museum Lates takes place monthly on the last Wednesday of the month. Some activities will cost you, but it's next to nothing. The museum works hard to keep its core programs free so any donation you can spare at the end of the night is appreciated.

I should mention too that my housemate Cherie and I decided to head home in our hazmat suits, fake pustules and felt moustaches (which we made at the craft table in anticipation of Movember). Evidently, we were the only ones who felt the urge to do so. I do believe commuters on the Piccadilly line were wildly entertained last night. I'd like to think that we raised some awareness for Movember and/or the Science Museum in the process - I certainly recall delivering some very convincing, albeit Merlot-induced sales pitches. The most fun one can have on a school night.

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