Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Movember Shenanigans

It's moments like these that I love my job. I received a call today from a gentleman asking whether I could temporarily suspend his Movember account until midnight. Naturally, I wanted to know why. His response was that he had accepted a dare from his mates that he would get a tattoo if he reached £1000 in donations by midnight tonight. At the time of accepting the dare, he was nowhere near this target. But thanks to Facebook, he was now mightily close. £972 in fact. According to my new friend, he was even getting donations from strangers - God bless the internet!

At this point, I still hadn't agreed to suspend his account, despite his fears his future wife would leave him if he got the tatt. I asked to have a look at his account and quickly discovered he belonged to a rugby team. Of course. So I asked: Do you get to choose the tattoo? Can you decide where it goes? Surely some tatts are alright. And it's for a great cause.

I then learn that the tatt would be the Movember 'M' logo. It would be 4x4cm and he could choose the location. Well that doesn't sound too bad, and I make my nonchalant attitude known to him. He chuckles *nervously*. I then offer to throw in an extra £10 myself. Silence. But he doesn't hang up on me, that's good. Lastly, I tell him I would send him some Snickers bars (official sponsors of Movember) and that sealed the deal!

As luck would have it, as soon as I got off the phone to him, one lovely person put through a £30 donation, taking him over the line. I get an email from him, with the tattoo design attached, saying he is going through with it (and that I would make a great therapist). So tonight, somewhere in a tattoo parlour in England, one brave man is following through on his dare and getting a permanent Movember stamp on his body. But it's still only the 19th you say? Don't worry, he has another mate on the team who will do the same if he reaches £1000 by the end of the month. To join in on the fun, donate to him here: And might I just add, if you are still considering donating to me, don't. Really. Just donate to him.

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