Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome Home Bruce

This weekend, we got a Christmas tree. We hand-picked this handsome 5-foot Nordmann Fir, brought him home on the bus and named him Bruce.

These are the 'before' shots.

Fortunately for Bruce, he was adopted into a family of professional Christmas tree dressers. We know about colour themes and bauble to branch tip ratios. So layer by layer, Bruce's appearance took shape. First the fairy lights, followed by the silver baubles, then coloured baubles, and lastly the angel hair.

Along the way, we also made mulled wine - where I learnt to grate whole nutmeg - and eggnog. We also created a new word: baublification.

And this is the end product: 100 clear still fairy lights, a silver based colour theme and perfectly vertical angel hair, like little silver icicles hanging from each of the branch tips.

The best thing about our new Christmas tree is the smell of fresh pine through the house. Bruce might well be the most loved tree in Ealing.

1 comment:

  1. Well if your's is a colourful but suave "Bruce", mine is probably a "Sheila" blinged up for a night out.
    The rest of the tinsel and stuff is still in its plastic bag awaiting the annual attempt at elegant strewing!
    Snow is is very deep, difficult and getting to be extremely tedious.
    Cheers Gillian