Friday, January 14, 2011

Am I Crazy?

Ok, so there's an opportunity to skydive in March and I'm seriously considering doing it. I'm petrified just thinking about it. I don't mind heights, but free-fall is not something that sits well with me. Googling the likelihood of dying from skydiving has proved unhelpful.

However, I should explain that there is a good reason for me to be considering this (keyword being considering, so don't hold me to it yet!). March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and I am looking to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer. Jumping out of a plane seems like a good enough way of doing this. And also, as we all know, cycling and marathons are just not how I choose to fundraise because, frankly, I can do neither.

So, it's for a good cause. It could be absolutely amazing - if I don't black out or die. It could very well be a personal triumph - again, if I don't black out or die. What do you think? Should I do it? Encouraging words will be appreciated. I'll make a decision over the weekend so stay tuned.


  1. Yes! Do it! It's meant to be an amazing rush and you'll get to see incredible views! :) Plus, it's all for a great cause ;)

  2. Yes, please do it for me because I never dared and now it's too late. I'm scared at the thought of a hot air ballon ride!
    Cheers Gillian