Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here Comes the Sun (And I Say It's All Right)*

I'd like to think I haven't resorted to writing about the weather on this blog. But I do want to make mention the FULL DAY OF SUN we had on Monday. That's right, an entire day from morning to late afternoon of sunshine. Sure, it was 4 degrees for most of it and we still rugged up in coats and scarves, but hello vitamin D. It's funny how something as simple as sunshine can change the mood of... well... everything. It was hard not to smile yesterday - even people on the tube seemed cheerier.

Otherwise, life in London has been rolling along at a spectacular pace. It's hard to believe that we're approaching the last couple of weeks of winter. Days are certainly getting longer and it's not uncommon to be leaving work when the sky is still showing some colour. I have accepted that I probably won't see snow again until December. Which, come to think of it, will probably be upon us before we know it.

I say that because we're moving house soon and I've started the arduous process of househunting this weekend. Who would have thought that we'd be approaching the end of our one year lease already! More likely than not, Katie and I will be looking for new housemates from April so let me know if you're in London and looking too.

And, it's just 18 days until I do my skydive for Prostate Cancer awareness. Please, please, please donate to my fundraising page here:

Even a small donation will make a big difference to The Prostate Cancer Charity and the amazing work that they do.

*In case you missed it, that's a Beatles song and I've been humming it all week. How could you not?


  1. I,ve had a bit of free time on my hands lovey, and have enjoyed catching up on your blog really have had a brill time in the UK and yes i agree on how fast it has gone...only seems the other day you left COM. Well you keep enjoying hun and all the very best with the skydive and all being well we will meet up in London on June !!!
    Love Jane xxx

  2. Jane, hope you are feeling better! Really looking forward to catching up with you and getting all the City of Melb goss. London is amazing and I love it here. x