Thursday, February 24, 2011

High Tea... Ealing Style

Sitting on your arse and waiting to be pushed out of a plane isn’t traditionally fun. So on the weekend I had a fundraising ‘do’ at our place to build my confidence, raise awareness, and encourage some further donations.

This led to an interesting observation – I’m more nervous about baking and hosting than I am about skydiving. I think the idea of completing the skydive has been with me for long enough that I’m now immune to any emotions that are tied with it. The thought of preparing food for other people – and being entrusted with the task of not poisoning anyone – is sheer terror. So much so that I did a test run for my batch of Mars Bar slice. My friend Tammy’s recipe, it involved chopping up some Mars Bars, sticking them in the microwave and then mixing with Rice Bubbles before refrigerating. Oh, and topped with melted chocolate. And yes, I did f*#k it up by forgetting to grease the tin... then burning the Mars Bars.

So, being a Sunday afternoon, it was decided that the fundraiser would be a High Tea (of sorts) where I would serve sandwiches, scones, sweet stuff and plenty of tea. And because Cherie’s nan’s cheesy dip has never once disappointed (cob loaf hollowed out and filled with three types of cheese, ham, peppers and spring onion then baked for an hour), we had to roll that out too. Some of my lovely friends also kindly brought along some homemade brownies, for which I was incredibly grateful.

If my goal had been to give all my guests clogged arteries and tooth cavities, then I passed with flying colours. First on the menu was finger sandwiches. There was ham, brie and mustard; chicken, brie and spinach; grapes, brie and mint (sensing a theme here??); and of course, cucumber and cream cheese with chives. Next, came the scones, freshly baked that morning with jam and thickened double cream. And lastly, all the stuff that will get people bouncing off the walls – Katie’s strawberry iced cupcakes, Courtney’s dark chocolate and peanut butter brownies, Sharleen’s brownies and my honey joys and Mars Bar bites. Add to that, the cheesy cob loaf, dip and crackers, crisps and biscuits and no wonder we had to practically roll people to the tube station afterwards.

Ultimately, it was a successful and civilised afternoon, to my great relief. We raised £100 from the day and I hope my friends enjoyed themselves. A big thank you to all the talented bakers who kindly came to my assistance with their delicious cupcakes and brownies, and to my gorgeous housemates who helped me shop, prep, clean, cook, entertain, make tea and clean again. And to all the generous donors – THANK YOU!!

I jump in just 10 days! If you haven’t yet sponsored me and would like to, please visit my fundraising page: The money we raise will be going to The Prostate Cancer Charity who do an amazing job in supporting men and their families living with prostate cancer, fund important research and work tirelessly to raise awareness for prostate cancer in the community.

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  1. Ripper arvo tea!!!
    Please let me know your new address when you move. I don't know Hammersmith at all. London is just so huge it's pretty impossible to be familiar with all four corners. It sounds great though and NEW is always exciting.Good Luck with the jump.
    Cheers Gillian