Sunday, February 20, 2011

When your housemate can predict your time of the month better than you, it’s time to move!

My new favourite bar is B@1 in Hammersmith where they play awesome music and most nights of the week they have happy hour – 241 cocktails. Last night, my housemates and I took full advantage of this. We were celebrating two things – Katie passing her exam and Katie and me finding a new place to live.

It’s rather surreal to think that we are approaching the end of our lease in Ealing. With Cherie heading back to Australia in May, Katie and I decided on a change of scenery and this week set out to suss out the Hammersmith area, to get a feel for the market and prices. We hadn’t planned on viewing any properties until March, about a month before getting booted from our current house. But last weekend, we just happened upon a house, not too dissimilar from our current four-bedroom, in Hammersmith that would become available in April. We called the agent, lined up a viewing, put in an offer the following day and two days after that, paid the deposit. Done! In the coming month we will need to find two more housemates to occupy the spare rooms but much prefer being in this position than the other way around. So if you are looking to move around April and like the sound of Hammersmith, give me a buzz. With four tube lines and about eight bus routes, you can’t go wrong.

So, an eventful week and well deserved cocktails at our soon-to-be local. B@1 has an impressive menu of cocktails from Pisco Sours to Mojitos to Singapore Slings. So you can drink your way around the world. Last night, I started on something vodka based, moved onto something rum based and ended on something ice cream based. That wasn’t the smartest idea and had me on the brink of throwing up for what felt like forever. Half a block of Lindt chocolate and no dinner didn’t help the situation either. The girls coped better than me, but only marginally.

Really looking forward to getting to know the area better once we move in. Pubs by the river, funky bars and cafes, theatres.... if you know of any good Hammersmith secrets, please share!

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