Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is Summer

The most quintessential London moment happened not at Wimbledon or on Oxford St on a Saturday afternoon or even last Thursday when, on The Strand, I saw a red bus, a red telephone box, a black cab and two policemen with those round police helmet thingies ALL AT THE SAME TIME. My most quintessential London moment happened tonight when, following a sunny 20 degree day, everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - in Hammersmith turned up to the pub by Hammersmith Bridge at 5pm for a pint in the sun.

When the emails started circulating at work at lunchtime today with the suggestion that the post work drinks should move from the usual Stonemasons to the river, we all thought we were being particularly innovative. Seems like we weren't the only ones with the clever idea. The river bank by the bridge was packed by the time we arrived with people spilling out all along the riverside where the Blue Anchor, Rutland and The Dove - three equally lovely pubs - all stand in a row. And it was at that moment, standing in a tank top and skirt, on a day where the temperature barely reached 20, that I realised I've become a true Brit. How ever will I cope when the temperature gets higher???

Awesome work people.

The pub was packed when we arrived.

And even when it got dark, it was equally packed.

Apparently, it will be 24 degrees on Sunday. I may pack my bikinis and sunbake in Hyde Park. Then again, I'm not a chav (or bogan for the Aussies). Maybe just a cute summer dress and flip flops while I enjoy some much needed vitamin D.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Will Never Get Tired of Seeing Red Telephone Boxes

I've had the telephone box theme on this blog for almost a year now. It seemed fitting as the blog is loosely about my experiences in London. The picture was downloaded from the many themes available for download from Blogger. So imagine my surprise when I found, purely by accident, the exact place near Covent Garden where that picture was taken!

Here's the picture I took last week, at a slightly different angle, but clearly the same row of telephone boxes.

It doesn't matter how long I've been living in London, I still get turned on by a handsome red telephone box. Here's another I found on The Strand last Thursday as I people-watched over a coffee in the sun.

Isn't it beautiful?