Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Letter C

It’s the end of a long week and a few of us gathered at our friend Anthony’s apartment for drinks and take-away. The following conversation then unfolded between a grant writer, a bank teller and a prep teacher.

Me: I worked on three proposals today worth about $450,000.

Sarah: I completed about 20 settlements.

Anthony: I taught the letter C.

Hahaha, we all laughed, mostly at Anthony’s expense. Clearly, Sarah and I were both busy dealing with major transactions while Anth had the delightful job of controlling little people who will accidentally glue their homework to the desk and occasionally still wet themselves.

No, thank you.

But what happens when one of us no longer does our job properly? Let’s have a think about it. If I screwed up my job, the gallery would be $450,000 short of its exhibition budget which would suck for a lot of people. If Sarah screwed up, there would probably be some rather shitty property buyers, vendors and solicitors. But if Anthony didn’t do his job properly, HE WOULD BE DENYING CHILDREN THE GIFT OF THE LETTER C. A generation of hildren ould go through life missing a vital piee of the alphabet puzzle. No pressure.

Sure, on paper many of us might strut around looking and sounding important. But I know for a fact I could not do my job without the letter C. Or any other letter for that matter.

So, can we please better support our teachers? Surround them with the best resources, invest in world-class training and pay them generously. Teachers give each of us the building blocks to become our best selves. Back our teachers because their role in the community is vital for anyone with ambitions of becoming a writer, banker or virtually any other job that exists.

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